Celebrating National Prosecco Day

Who doesn’t love a glass of bubbly prosecco when enjoying the weekend?! I must admit, I’m a little partial to a prosecco in the sun, so let’s give three cheers for National Prosecco Day on August 13th. Celebrated every year, National Prosecco Day is a time to raise a toast to the last remaining days of summer, which is considered the perfect time to enjoy this light, fizzy drink.

There are many ways you can celebrate this special day. You could get together with friends and host a ‘bring a board’ night. This is where each person brings a board with a different selection of snacks – like crackers and cheese or marshmallows and strawberries.

Alternatively, why not light one of my soy jar candles and relax as you sip on a refreshing glass of prosecco? They’re perfect for creating a chilled-out vibe – just pop on some music or your favourite film and you’re all set.

Psst, prosecco goes perfectly with my peach bellini tealights and wax melts