Have you thought about using wax melts?

Wax melts are becoming really popular over the years – and I can see why!

Some benefits include:

πŸ’› A really convenient alternative 
πŸ’› They have a longer burn time
πŸ’› The ‘flame’ is hidden in or behind a holder
πŸ’› They’re affordable 
πŸ’› There’s no paraffins 
πŸ’› You can control the intensity of the fragrance 
πŸ’› There’s no soot!
πŸ’› They’re environmentally friendly
πŸ’› Great fun shapes, we are currently making some bees with honeycomb!
πŸ’› They’re a safe alternative to candles 
πŸ’› My favourite, there’s less waste

Do you prefer wax melts, tealights, or candles?