How do you use a wax melt?

There are two ways to do so, either in an electric warmer or with a ceramic flame-powered one, which will have a space for a tealight beneath the bowl.

You simply place the wax melt into the bowl at the top of the warmer and switch on (electric) or strike a match to light your burner tealight (ceramic)! When you’re finished, you cut the power source and the wax melt solidifies ready to use another time. Wax melts should not be left alight for longer than four hours at a time to prevent mishaps!

In fact, wax melts are a very economic home fragrance choice as, unlike candles whose wax dissipates over time, a wax melt simply liquifies to release the fragrance and rehardens again, allowing you to keep it until the scent has faded. Once the wax melt has reached that point, it’s time to change it up and clean your warmer. To do so, either carefully pour away the wax whilst hot and then draw out the excess using cotton pads. Alternatively, wait for the wax to melt slightly and it should remove easily.