Which Fragrance?

A fragrance has the power to stimulate a feeling of calm or bring up a beloved childhood memory. The mission of Chalk and Cheese is to transfer “that feeling” to you. The one that puts you in a good place, a place where you want to linger whilst you enjoy just being in the moment.

I just wanted to share my collection of fragrances with you all, this is certainly growing day by day!

Baby powder, Banana milkshake, Black cherry, Citrus bergamot, Chocolate and hazelnut, Festive cookies, Fig and snowberry, Frosted candy apple, Christmas Spice, Cola Cubes, Golden Orchid, Lavender and coconut, Lemon meringue, Lime, basil and mandarin, Linen fresh, Mulled wine, Parma violet, Pear drops, Pineapple cubes, Pink champagne and pomelo, Purple rain cocktail, Raspberry soda, Rhubarb and custard, Sparkling wine and clementine, Spiced pumpkins, Strawberries and cream, Sweet jasmine, Sweet pea, Tropical coconut twist, Winter cranberry and Woodland wander.

I am launching Black pomegranate soon, this is definitely a firm favourite of mine!